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Welcome! to Veterans for Diversity. Veterans for Diversity was originally Vets Do Ask Do Tell, formed in 2008 to support LGBT veterans. The name was change at the end of DADT to be more inclusive. Our focus has changed to emotional healing and veteran educational assistance.

Moving forward we are reaching out to these veterans through programs that educate the public such as our Diversity Seminars and Guest Speakers, No Veteran Left Behind healing retreats and a scholarship fund to suppliment our veterans education. We have expanded our board of directors and staff to support these programs.

Be part of this movement by volunteering, becoming a member or donating to our programs. Let's show our veterans we care. All members and staff are volunteers, and there are no paid positions, all funds are in support of our veterans.


Our Programs
Diversity Seminar No Veteran Left Behind
Guest Speakers   Scholarship Fund
Reiki Program   Color Guard


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Public Policy:

Veterans for Diversity, Inc. is a nonprofit organization.  As such, Veterans For Diversity, Inc. does not support or oppose candidates for public office or political parties and only acts on issues related to the organization’s mission and its current public policy framework. To read the entire policy click here.

~ Veterans for Diversity, Inc

Veterans for Diversity, Inc. operates as a non-profit, and has Federal recognition under title 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt. All contributions are tax deductable.